The art of paint Restoration

Paint can get damaged in all of the different ways or it can literally just not be finished properly from the factory, we are going to walk you through more information then you’ve ever wanted to know about your paint, how we fix it and why it is important

The new car myth

The paint may have been recently sprayed onto the car, but do you know what usually happens after paint is applied? Any modern car’s paint is generally composed of a base coat and a clear coat. The base coat is sprayed on to give it a color and the clear coat is sprayed on top to give it a glossy finish and a lustrous depth. As soon as that clear coat has dried, the paint is “knocked down” by a rough polishing job or wet sanding. This is to help eliminate “Orange Peel” in the paint which is a natural occurrence of the paint being applied to the surface. From a new car stand point, most large scale manufactures have such great processes in place that they no longer need to knock down the paint after being sprayed, this leads to the normalization of orange peel, but offers a lot more consistency in the finished product meaning there are less issues to deal with to get the paint perfect. Or at least thats how it leaves the factory.

Once a car has left the factory it will be delivered to a port. at the port it will board the ship and be floated over to us in America where it will reside at another port. then being shipped again to a dealership and then being moved around, touch washed test driven, snow brushed off of and so on… It is actually a little crazy to think that your new car would get to you in perfect condition. Now for more specitialy manufactures, you have brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Mclaren and so on that have amore traditional painting process that leave the paint in less the perfect condition, in some cases downright wretched. The dealership isn’t equipped to deal with this kind of percisiom and in all fairness, most consumers don’t realize the difference anyways, they’re going to throw boxes on the roof, strap things down to the truck, bump into other cars and curbs and go through brushed car washes every 2 weeks. Then in a few years, their car doesn’t look good anymore and they go buy a new one. In a way, the dealership is helping itself out by not educating the customer about proper refinement and protection techniques, because they will be back to get that new car… Although our process can be a little pricey, it pays itself back many times over

the black paint conundrum

Paint Correction vs Polishing vs Buffing

Long Term Goals

Long Term Results

The Result