Window, Taillight and Headlight Tint

Window Tint

We all want our cars to look good and window tint can certainly make an impact!  Installing high grade window tint has several serious benefits beside the slick look.  We utilize only the very best window tint on the market to ensure you get the most optically clear and longest lasting film.  The higher clarity will help eliminate eye strain caused by less expensive tint films.  By installing window tint you will protecting your interior parts from drying and cracking and colors from fading due to the Sun's harmful UV rays.  These films will also help block out Infrared (IR) light.  This allows them to keep you car much cooler without having to make the tint darker, thereby allowing the tint to work at maximum capacity and not degrade visibility, especially at night.


Aftermarket Window Tint is graded by the percentage of visible light allowed through the tint.  So a 50% tint will only filter out half of the visible light and a 5% window film, also know as limo tint, will filter out 95% of the visible light.  We stock 5%, 20%, 35%, 50% and 70% window films


Full Window Tint

Solar Free Artisan Nano-Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint offers the very best in optical clarity and IR (infrared) heat rejection.  This is the best choice when you want the most comfort inside the car and a more subtle and classy look for the outside

  • Nano-Ceramic Film Construction
  • Up to 95% IR Rejection
  • Signal Friendly/Enabling Capability
  • Charcoal Non-Reflective 2ply Design
  • Ultra-Durable Scratch Resistant Coating
  • Factory Backed Lifetime Warranty

Full Vehicle (without windshield) Typically $450 installed
Windshields starting at $275



Headlight / Taillight Tint

Headlights Taillights,fog-lights side marker lights can be tinted for both coloring and protection.  There are many colors and styles available.  We make recommend some polishing prior to the film for optimum clarity.  Unlike shade paint, tint on headlights and taillights can be removed with absolutely no damage to the original factory pieces.

  • Light Smoke
  • Dark Smoke
  • Matte Smoke (non headlights)
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • More colors coming soon

Pair of Headlights or Taillights starting at $75



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